Where Recovery and Wellness Meet

About Wellness Meetings

Mission Statement

“Wellness Meetings and Miracle in Progress Publications are committed to carrying the message of recovery in relation to every expression of the spiritual malady.  Our intentions are set firmly on sharing the powerful healing benefits that come from the integration of spiritual principles and holistic practices.”

Basic Meeting Format

All meetings encourage the ongoing exploration of spiritual principles and holistic practices through a fusion of twelve step and yogic wisdom, energy moving meditations and fellowship.  The meetings open with a time for defining a spiritual focus and setting an intention. This flows directly into energy moving practice of some kind and wraps up with a time for reflection and discussion. Meetings are led by instructors, certified in their specific fields, to facilitate the energetic practice.

Meeting Purpose

Meetings apply generalized recovery principles in an effort to remove the stigma often attached to those who suffer from addiction, behavioral, mental and emotional health concerns. Our intention is to raise awareness of the profound healing benefits found from incorporating spiritual and holistic practice.  We believe this combination is highly effective for relieving all forms of distress.

All meetings are open to people involved in any fellowship or program and to those who are not involved in any program whatsoever.  We maintain everyone’s sense of anonymity by placing our focus on the common solution of creating and maintaining wellness in every area of life. There is never any need to mention your reason for coming. While there may not be a meeting in your area at this time, there are many resources available listed below to create your own practice.

Resources for Support Along the Healing Path:



This practice is intended for all people interested in recovery of any kind.

We will use many holistic methods and the wisdom of various

spiritual traditions as guides to set our intentions on healing.

 We will talk about a Higher Power, and spirituality in general,

because we believe the integration of Spiritual Principles and

Wellness Practice is highly effective for relieving all forms of distress.


We do not wish to engage in any controversy.

We claim no affiliation to any sect, denomination or organization.

We are simply men and women whose common purpose is to

develop in our recovery and share the hope that we have found

with those who still suffer.

 Variations of this preamble are read at the beginning of Wellness Meetings to explain and affirm our healing intentions. All Miracle in Progress publications are meant to provide inspiration, direction and easy reference for any home practice and as a guide for meeting facilitators and participants.



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