Where Recovery and Wellness Meet

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Miracle in Progress: A Handbook for H...

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  Miracle in Progress: A Handbook for Holistic Recovery Sometimes pain leaves an open wound, an empty space that makes people vulnerable to more pain in the future.  The mental suffering that follows often leads to a variety of unhealthy, self-numbing behaviors in a misguided search for peace. That void will eventually be filled with som [...]

Where Recovery and Wellness Meet

Meditation is Key
Wellness Meetings and Miracle in Progress Publications are committed to carrying the message of recovery as it relates to every expression of the spiritual malady.  Combining the recovery focused study of spiritual principles as explained in the Twelve Steps with the health benefits of the wellness lifestyle intensifies the energetic healing [...]

The Steps and The Sutras

Steps and Sutras
There are certain spiritual principles that overlap the vast majority of traditions and theologies. Many spiritual texts could be used to draw the same conclusions but for me this was the most obvious combination, the Twelve Steps and the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. My first experiences combining the Steps and the Sutras came to me completely u [...]