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Miracle in Progress: A Handbook for Holistic Recovery

Miracle in Progress: A Handbook for Holistic Recovery

Sometimes pain leaves an open wound, an empty space that makes people vulnerable to more pain in the future.  The mental suffering that follows often leads to a variety of unhealthy, self-numbing behaviors in a misguided search for peace. That void will eventually be filled with something. Removing the labels and judgments serves to connect the addict, the alcoholic, the co-dependent, the grieving and the obsessed, addressing the heart of the matter, the original wound and learning to fill the emptiness with something that heals.

Holistic recovery means that we seek to repair and renew every part of ourselves. Embracing the idea that all spiritual principles, healing practices and systems of the body are connected opens the door to new options for creating and maintaining overall wellness. Rather than drawing lines between conditions, programs and health practices Miracle In Progress encourages the reader to take advantage of all resources available for recovery.

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Miracle in Progress Workbook

The companion workbook is now available on Amazon!  Intended for use with the original text, Miracle in Progress: A Handbook for Holistic Recovery.  Each chapter focuses on a specific spiritual principle with resources for creating a life changing personal practice.  Organized for quick reference and reflection, with ideas for self-study, intention setting, affirmation, inspiration and meditation.

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Check out Heroes in Recovery

I am honored to be a lead advocate for this amazing movement that is working to break the stigma of addiction and mental illness. I’ll be one of their blog writers for 2015 and helping to spread the message of recovery for all. If you have a recovery story that you’d be willing to share please email me personally at marta@wellnessmeetings.com for more information.

Here’s the link to the blog that started it all janedoerecovery.com

In the early days of my own recovery I chose to remain anonymous for a time. On my initial journey through the Steps it was an outlet and a way to reach out to others while still maintaining a sense of privacy. As I wrote under this assumed name I continued to expand on my own growing belief that there are certain spiritual principles that cross over theological boundaries and certain holistic practices that enhance the entire process. Both the blog and especially the dynamic interaction on the JDR Facebook page provided incredible feedback as I began writing what is now the Miracle in Progress Handbook, teaching recovery yoga and the putting wellness meetings into practice. Much of the content has been based directly on the research for these posts. Check it out, enjoy, explore and join in the discussion.

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